2 weeks in…

So the last two weeks have been pretty crazy. I have definitely experienced a lot and I think maybe it’s time to reevaluate my goals;.

1.  Learn to  converse in Danish (working on it, I have Danish today)

2.  Pass my practical driving assessment ( not going to happen :( )

3. Not come back a killer whale ( should probably  do some exercise)

4. Learn to speak better English ( lol not happening noone can understand when I speak)

5. Actually get drunk this year ( i think I’ve accomplished this)

6.  Grow my hair long
 ( getting there)

7.   Get fit ( need to do some exercise)

8.  Get loose ( getting a bit loose)

9. Keep in contact with my Australian friends
( yeah been doing that_

10.  Not waste too much of my life on the computer
 ( wasting my life a bit on the computer)

11. Be a positive influence on people’s lives (hopefully?)

12. Thousand fans of Delena fan page ( should probably get onto that)

I think my goals at the moment are either accomplished or pretty superficial so I probably should delve a little deeper.

Right now I feel  really  anxious  and frustrated because  thoughts of doing engineering are rehashing in my mind.  This is frustrating because I’m about to complete my third year  of my Commerce/Economics degree, I’m in Denmark on exchange and changing now would actually ruin my life.

Firstly I would become what I  hate, a mature aged student. I would feel like I’ve wasted two years of my life if I didn’t get at least one degree.  Secondly, new courses at UWA ruin everything so I would have to do a science degree (another bachelor degree) then a masters of engineering.

And the thing is I don’t know if I would even like engineering. I think I just have romantic ideas about it.  As business students we are told  in order to solve the economic problem  we need to use resources in the most efficient way i.e by developing new technologies and methods. I guess I feel as an engineer I would be having a direct impact in realizing these opportunities.


Pretty much all we learn in business school is ways to reduce tax.  I’ve already done about 4 units on bonds, options, swaps, and all that crap.  I feel that this stuff is only relevant to some extent and if I actually want to make a truly direct  impact on the world I should lend my brain to something more fulfilling than calculating the net present value  of some  financial venture.

I decided though  to commit to this year on exchange because who know s I may meet people and learn things that will change my mind yet again.  And I am doing quite interesting units I would never normally do at home.

Anyway any advice on the engineering issue would be greatly appreciated

 So what else have I been up too…

Well Saturday night was the Welcome Dinner  which was Winterland themed.  The set up was pretty sweet, I have quite a few photos from the night on my facebook. I was pretty bummed about paying for coat check but I guess we are in Copenhagen… There was a buffet which was really delicious but I don’ t think  I could ever look at cheesy potato again.

Sunday was recovery but we also went to  Christianshavn which is quite a young touristy spot in Denmark.   We also ordered some pizzas ( so much for my no cheese pledge)   it was pretty tasty except the pizza was covered in this  corn flour stuff

Monday was also recovery.  I ended up doing some shopping and partly cleaned our communal kitchen. In Denmark you can get refunds for bottles and cans., so we had like over a 100 cans/bottles from a party a week ago so we went to the store to get the refund.  I also bought 140 DK worth of  food which is  like  a good 25 AUD and I’ve pretty much already eaten half of my stash already. 

But I think a delicious and healthy snack  I hopefully can count on is muesli and yoghurt.  Given my plans in living in Denmark I definitely need to be less frivolous with my money.  

I’ve also decided to give up on beer.  I know it’s Denmark’s national drink but it’s fatty,  tastes horrible to me and I think it should be drunk by people that appreciate it.  

I’m also tempted to join the gym here, it’s quite expensive but I’m worried I’m developing a food baby.  Also the gym I’m thinking about has a sauna and steam room and classes.  Also I think doing some exercise will allow me to build up some resilience to the elements.

Monday night we went to L.A Bar (again). It’s like 100 DK for 10 shots which is pretty cheap.  It was quite an eventful night and I leant a lot.  Some of my dormies blacked out, some  fraternized with the  local women and it was good  afternoon tea conversation in the kitchen. I also leant what  the term “yellow belt” is.  

Anyway it’s Tuesday and  I have my first class at 5 o clock so I’m pretty excited. I should probably shower though and clean my room properly.  

I hope you enjoyed my essay… 
 Sorry can’t be bothered proof reading…

01/31/12 at 9:19am